[Homeroast] What Coffee Do You Buy, When You Can't Roast

Sheila Quinn quinngraphics at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 13:00:03 CDT 2013

We don't have specialty roasters nearby either. At least we have Dunn 
Bros that roasts right in the shop, so I can get them fresh. Otherwise, 
it's grocery store beans. Ugh. If I were to order roasted coffee online, 
Metropolis (out of Chicago) is my favorite.

As for comparing home roasted to commercially roasted, it depends on the 
person doing the roasting. There are good and bad commercial roasters, 
as we all know. And home roasters who probably don't know anything about 
profiling. With SM's good beans, though, even newbies can get good 
flavor with a simple popcorn popper. Still far better than store bought 


On 7/9/13 11:41 AM, Michael Baladi wrote:
> I do agree that home roasters aren't up to par with the profiling that commercial roasters are capable of..... what I'd argue is more generally true however is that the quality of bean available to the home roaster is much higher in general.
> I can hop on SM and order top tier coffee to roast all year around. Most (not all, just most) local roasters around me, whether due to inability to source, inability to pay the premium, or whatever, start with a much lesser bean. There are too many pressures on local roasters. Price point, general trends of the non-coffee drinking snobs towards scorched beans (at least it seems like), etc......
> I KNOW there are some really great roasters out there, especially in some of the cities. Where I live though it just doesn't exist. I can get what I'd call good locally roasted coffee, but I'd rarely if ever call it great, and I'd rarely call it better than my home roast.

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