[Homeroast] What Coffee Do You Buy, When You Can't Roast

gin powell pchforever at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 12:19:13 CDT 2013

when I get stuck I must wait for an order to arrive. there are NO roaster
here in the boonies.

I will go to Circle K and grab a cup if it is a fresh pot...


On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 9:41 AM, Michael Baladi <mike at baladi.ws> wrote:

> I do agree that home roasters aren't up to par with the profiling that
> commercial roasters are capable of..... what I'd argue is more generally
> true however is that the quality of bean available to the home roaster is
> much higher in general.
> I can hop on SM and order top tier coffee to roast all year around. Most
> (not all, just most) local roasters around me, whether due to inability to
> source, inability to pay the premium, or whatever, start with a much lesser
> bean. There are too many pressures on local roasters. Price point, general
> trends of the non-coffee drinking snobs towards scorched beans (at least it
> seems like), etc......
> I KNOW there are some really great roasters out there, especially in some
> of the cities. Where I live though it just doesn't exist. I can get what
> I'd call good locally roasted coffee, but I'd rarely if ever call it great,
> and I'd rarely call it better than my home roast.
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> > Nothing available commercially will he as good as your homeroasted.
> > Demian
> > Portland OR
> If you mean that in the sense you won't have the satisfaction of having
> roasted it yourself true. Otherwise very off base and very far from true.
> In
> fact I'll so far to say most home roasted coffees are inferior in the cup
> to
> top commercially roasted.
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