[Homeroast] Ethiopia Sidama Deri Kochoha

Sheila Quinn quinngraphics at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 11:36:53 CDT 2013

Oh, that's a good idea to blend them...I'm going to try that! I have 
been brewing in a French press lately since I'm the only one here who 
drinks coffee. If a guest comes over, I then usually use my bonavita 
drip maker. Best drip maker I've ever had! Great coffee, brewed at the 
right temp, in 5 minutes flat! Good extraction in less time than most.


On 7/9/13 10:55 AM, Brian Kamnetz wrote:
> Yeah, Ethiopians are my favorites too, the fruitier the better. My coffee
> is at home and I can't remember what I have roasted, but I am nearing the
> end of one roast (about 2.5 weeks) and have another I roasted last
> Wednesday. I use a 6 tasse moka pot with ~25 g of finely ground coffee. I
> like to blend about 6 grams of the recent roast with the remainder older
> roast. I get the mellowness of the older roast with some added floral boost
> from the more recent roast.
> Brian

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