[Homeroast] Ethiopia Sidama Deri Kochoha

Sheila Quinn quinngraphics at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 10:08:31 CDT 2013

Good to know! Thanks for your thoughts here. Ethiopian coffees are 
usually my favorites. :)

On 7/9/13 8:48 AM, Edward Bourgeois wrote:
> I'm really enjoying this coffee. I had some I believe from the same station
> last year from another supplier that I liked but got the sense that too
> much of it was somewhat underripe.
> This years has great florals, clean, and just overall pleasant in the cup.
> Enough sweetness, body and a nice mouthfeel and finish. Nothing edgy. I
> roasted it at a light city. Fairly fast roast to keep the sweetness clean.
> A just over 2min. finish from start of 1st that had just enough development
> while maintaining the nice florals. Nice with ice too. Even pulled a couple
> shots of the light brew roast with the strega lever with slow longer pull
> that sparkled with a very tolerable acidity and great aromas that scented
> the room.

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