[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert

J3R j at j3r.org
Mon Jul 8 09:50:25 CDT 2013

On 13-07-08 10:41 AM, John Nanci wrote:
> I'll just toss his out as a fellow site owner.  If the system isn't 
> set up for customer reviews (and there does not appear to be any 
> indication that SM's is) there is no good way to implement it.

It is actually pretty easy, there are both free and paid solutions that 
can be plugged into any website very easily. Any good webmaster can make 
this happen for you.

As a bonus most of them do some level of social media integration, which 
is free marketing.

That being said, Tom's curated reviews are one of the main reasons I 
believe SM to be such a great coffee site, and I don't think user 
reviews would add much on the main buying pages.


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