[Homeroast] Koratie DP 2008, a long term storage project

sci scizen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 03:05:54 CDT 2013

Back in 2008, I fell in love with the Ethiopian Koratie DP, a selection
that also came in WP. Both were great, but the DP was extraordinary with
whizbang fruit notes that ran from strawberry jam, blueberry, and
chocolates. The body was very nice and thick. IIRC, Tom had it scored
around 94 and it merited that. So I stuck 1lb back into my non-defrosting
sub-zero deep-freeze in a vacuum sealed bag . . . and forgot about it. I
rediscovered it! And it still amazes me! Ok, after 4+ years in my
cryo-vault  I'm sure it lost some edge. There's no way to really know.
Whadaya gonna compare it to? Old roast notes? But this stuff still smells
amazing during roasting, in dry fragrance, the break, and the palate. One
thing I did learn about keeping coffees this long is that they take longer
to reach 1C and need more rest after the roast.
Now if I can just get a liquid nitrogen tank for an 8 year project . . .
Happy roasting!

-Quest M3

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