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Wed Jul 3 15:20:45 CDT 2013

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> The point of my comment is that humans weren't created with water collection systems. We didn't "evolve" on pure rain water and morning dew. Minerals are not evil, and many would call them necessary.
> Saying that god intended it that way..... that's really no different than me saying 1+1=3, because whatever belief I have "intended it" that way. Religon makes an exceptionally poor basis for proving an argument.
In olden days, air and water was pure, until the industrial revolution 
and burning of fossil fuels, it was pristine.  Years ago, I recall 
reading article of a 16th century cemetary somewhere in Europe, that was 
moved to put a highway in.  Digging coffins, one of the coffins was 
sealed, sample of the air inside was tested for pollutants.  Results 
were off their charts for purity in everything tested for.

As for religion, I agree, it's horrible for arguments because there are 
so many variations.  God is not a religion, doesn't want vows, has no 
rules.  God is simply the spirit of truth, that almighty omnipresent 
spirit of truth.  Those that love God, worship in spirit and in truth, 
not in religions made by men.

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