[Homeroast] Some Ideas for Optimizing Roast Taste

Jfreednj at aol.com Jfreednj at aol.com
Wed Jan 30 20:13:02 CST 2013

Dear Friend, 
Many thanks for your welcome  comments of earlier today. 
I want to thank you and all the list members for their  most helpful 
I wanted to thank each of you individually. But I just  found out today  
(after hours on the  phone, days waiting for replies , weeks/months working 
with them  to solve business foul –ups to no avail  ,  and years  going 
through litigation and  “ legal discovery ” that involved days  of  $500 per hour 
expenses ) to find  out that AOL has been holding all my in and out emails 
numbering over 4000 ,  since 1990 ! 
And all your emails to me and my replies are missing. So  they have not 
stopped !! They restarted immediately !! 
After rerturning all 4000 emails  and repeated  assurances from Mr. Carlos 
that this  would not happen again , they started  doing it ( and me )  again 
 immediately. The emails I got from all of you earlier today  and to  which 
I then replied , have disappeared  . 
I was about to call Mr. Carlos when I remembered he is in  the Philippines –
 and   I bet  -- just as untouchable legally  and  corrupt as all the 
Chinese I have dealt with since  . Except for   one in  China and two in  Taiwan  
Back to business. So thanks  for putting me on the straight and narrow  and 
showing how to write exactly what I mean to say and precisely how to write  
so as not  to offend or misinform.  With your  help I was able to email all 
of you exactly as you showed me so  I was able to send a message to you all 
exactly as I intended , with message on  good manners that will benefit all 
I heard  from , and enough information  that even the idiot one of you 
referred to in your message , should get  . 
So in that spirit , I should point out that some  of you said ,  “ You 
idiot, don’t you know the  difference between a List Serve and emails  to an 
individual ? ” Many others ,   “ Are you a child? Don’t you know  the Rules of 
this August Gentlemens’ Forum ? How dare you break them ? “  Still others 
, “How dare you insult Tom !! We have bought from Tom for 25 years  he is 
perfect now and forever more. 
For the rest of my  homily ,  please read my message sent earlier today . 
You might be  surprised and learn something.
In a message dated 1/30/2013 3:02:56 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
Jfreednj at aol.com writes:

Hi  Byron,

I never  heard back from your  Customer Service   people as  promised.

That first disastrous Etheopian    roast happened. But I was able  to 
correct  it so it tasted like  we were getting all of what was available  
those Greens by  adjusting the 4 parameters available on  the PCB  
controller  .

Your mad -  dog members may disagree , but I consider myself  a  moral 
person ( vis a vis the moralists who fight firearm   legislation ) and  
will go no 
further describing my roaster because  it may conflict with Owen's  
interests. But if  he is a seeker  of the truth I will correspond with him 
;  but 
with no-one  else.

And , of course, I get my excellent greens from you guys. In this  case my  
morality is in conflict with my taste  buds and the  sybarite wins  over 
moralist every time. All the local top chefs  who have tasted it  are 
ecstatic and that's why I order so much  coffee and why I  always abide by 
notes  .

I  am ordering 5# of Rowandan  and 5# of Kenyan under separate   cover.



In a message dated 1/30/2013  1:45:12 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
byron at sweetmarias.com  writes:

Hello  Everyone,
We hope your week is going well.   Here's five new coffees  that we recently
posted. They all have very  nice, sweet  characteristics.

Bolivia Buenavista Organic  Colonia   Villa
dark   fruits like raisin, black currant, and tamarind in a   balanced

Colombia San Antonio   Lot
raw   sugar and caramel sweetness with stone fruits and silky mouthfeel;
good  SO  espresso.

Peru Organic   Lot
caramel   mouthfeel, crisp apple notes and nice sweetness; a great  daily
drinking  coffee.

Kenya   Kiawamururu
a   tongue-turning cup with intense brightness, red currant   acidity,
ripe fruits, and vanilla notes.

Rwanda  Karongi   
an   amazingly "complete" cup with delicate brightness, mandarin  orange
notes,  cane syrup, apricot, acacia blossoms and clean clover  honey.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee  Inc.
1115 21st   Street
Oakland, CA 94607

510 628 0992  phone
510 628 0919   fax
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