[Homeroast] Baratza and Clever Coffee Dripper

Paul Leung paulgleung at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 17:12:23 CST 2013

Yes, I like setting the CCD on a digital scale and weighing out coffee and water without needing a scoop or measuring cup. I do that with the AeroPress as well. I also weigh my baking ingredients rather than go by volume.

I used to be a bench laboratorian so my degree of fastidiousness is embarrassing. 

I am on the path towards recovery- I don't adjust for change in water density as temperature increases any more. But I do feel guilty when I don't use the digital thermometer and just pour from the kettle...recovery will take time.

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> ...Using a coffee:H2O ratio of 1g:17g,  ~450g brewed 
> coffee drains in ~40 secs. ...

Am I reading that correctly - you weigh your water rather than use volume of
water (ml or fluid)

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