[Homeroast] My KA Proline grinder is now a doorstop

L. ALPERN lalpern at centurylink.net
Wed Jan 16 13:09:13 CST 2013

On Tue, 15 Jan 2013 , Jerry Procopio < CafeHombre at cox.net > wrote: 

>Have you tried this site? 

>They have parts for several versions of the KPCG100 listed. 

>Good luck, 

>Java Jerry 

Thanks, I have indeed tried that site, along with countless others. Although some parts are available (even the motor), the flimsiest part, the gear assembly, is not to be had. If there is a source, neither KitchenAid nor Google seems to know about it. 


On 1/14/2013 6:00 PM, L. ALPERN wrote: 
> About 10 days ago my 5 year old Kitchen Aid Pro-line KPCG100 burr grinder stopped mid grind but continued running, making horrible screeching noises. Tore it apart to discover that a cheap plastic reduction gear assembly had self destructed even though there was no foreign material in the burrs. Although the machine is otherwise built like a tank, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link ( to coin a phrase). Calls to KitchenAid Customer Service yielded only the information that the machine was discontinued sometime during 2012. They could provide no help with parts at all. An afternoon combing the web for a replacement gear assembly, investigating hundreds of links, was totally futile. 
> I cannot understand how a machine that is still being sold by a great number of vendors, built by a company that has a reputation for quality and longevity becomes a doorstop (paperweight?) for want of a replacement part. 
> My backup burr grinder, a DeLonghi model POS, produces about 10% dust, and I can definitely taste the difference in the cup. If homeroasted coffee wasn't so excellent to begin with, I probably wouldn't even be able to drink it now. 
> Anybody have access to a 3-D scanner and printer? A replacement 2 inch plastic ring gear would bring the KA back to life. 
> Len 

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