[Homeroast] Baratza and Clever Coffee Dripper

Paul Leung paulgleung at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 18:49:35 CST 2013

I have a Vario for espresso and a Maestro Plus for drip. I agree that Baratza customer service is stellar.

For the CCD, I use 16 - 18 setting range for coffee roasted to FC to FC+ in a Behmor. Using a coffee:H2O ratio of 1g:17g,  ~450g brewed coffee drains in ~40 secs. Rarely use autodrip but use 20-22 for that. 

I used to use the Vario for CCD and would get faster drain times and better taste (personal bias?) but prefer using Vario as dedicated espresso grinder. Also used a Kyocera handmill for CCD but drain time was about 2 or 3 minutes, which required me to start drain after 90 secs of steep to get total extraction time close to 3.5-4 minutes and yet always tasted over extracted. My guess was Kyocera produced too many fines that partially clogged the paper filter. Think Maestro produces fewer fines and Vario even fewer.

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