[Homeroast] Anomalous Roast

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Wed Jan 2 01:00:47 CST 2013

Not to worry.  The list is mostly slow these days, so almost anything can be 
the target of a little humor.  I have had some big variances in 1st crack 
within the same bag of greens.  It seems loosely correlated to humidity and 
ambient temperature.  Sometimes 1st gets by me and I find myself expecting 
2nd.  In my experience 2nd is quite predictable and if I don't hit it too 
hard, I can stop my roast with just a couple of 2nd cracks.  For me, that's 
a near-perfect roast.


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Thanks for your replies, and sorry for the initial blank post (so many 
buttons!). Yes, my mind was wandering. Yes, there were three or four outlier 
first cracks. You can bet I'll be paying attention next time.
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