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At times I think Aleco must be nuts.  A Colombian rated over 91 points??  Part of the "holy trinity"???  Coffees that transcend outstanding Guatemalans????  Then I taste the Narino Taminango again...and again...and again...and find it eminently drinkable, fascinating in the flavor shifts as the cup cools, entrancing in the depth that 5, 7, 9 days of rest bring.  It's one of my favorites coffees of the past year, no doubt.  Then I check its score:


Huh.  I guess Aleco is on to something, something big.  A Colombian rating over 91 points?  Sure - I'm in.  I am loving these Colombians, almost enough to make me forget El Salvador.  Not quite, but a palliative for the lean times.



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Hello everyone,
Here's a few new coffees we hope you enjoy.

Colombia San Jose Luis Alberto
a very sweet and versatile drinking coffee.

Colombia Agua Blanca Johan
a big fruit profile and heavy sweetness.

Colombia Inza de
candy-like with honey-like sweetness and

Sumatra Mandheling-Aceh
chocolate-heavy and works well at darker roasts.

*Byron Dote*

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