[Homeroast] Virtuoso Repair Solution

Dennis Guyer adg22 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 5 13:37:09 CST 2013


A few weeks ago I asked for some advice on what was going on with my grinder as no matter where I set the grind it was the same.  (Very coarse)  I told that I had put a little over 100 lbs through since I bought it.  The consensus was it needed new burrs. I looked inside of the grinder and saw a cone burr and thought that was the part I needed to replace.  I went on the Baratza web site and ordered the cone burr $12.  Price seemed very good.  It arrived in 2 days.  I took a look at it and had no idea how to install.  Went on the Baratza site and viewed a video and found out I practically had to tear the entire grinder apart to change. I was not willing to attempt that!  I then called tech support and told of my problem.  Tech support told me that for only $12 I would be able to repair myself.  I needed to order a new grind adjustment kit, and a burr holder.  He also told me that my burrs we rated for 500 lbs before needing to be replaced.  I see many disagree with this so my feeling is around 250 would be a good time to maybe change the burrs.  I received the new parts and it was fairly easy to replace them.  Hardest part was getting the case off the grinder.  Everything is now back to normal and the grind is perfect and so is the taste.   I am very happy with Baratza and their tech support and not being over sold on parts.  A lesson learned is know what you are doing before just ordering parts!


Dennis G

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