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Thanks Jeffrey for the information!
That 1kg Probatino on your website looks exactly like what I envision upgrading to after I build a garage (after a deck, after a fence, etc.) I guess that 
backyard shed you put yours in is sufficient for Southern California climate. I'm hopefully planning an insulated, temperature & humidity controlled roasting room for Maryland summers and winters.

I will contact you directly regarding the Hottop CCR.
Thanks again,

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Answering your last question first,  HotTop never came out with their higher capacity model. They promised it for years but it never appeared.

I spent several years developing the computer controlled roaster (CCR) which was based on a highly modified HotTOp.  It works flawlessly. While doing extensive experimentation, I found that the airlow within the HotTop is not great.  I experimented with continuously variable fan speed and found that it is truly best to leave it at full speed all the time.

Although I stopped the manufacture of the CCR systems, there is one owner who has retired from drinking coffee owing to medical reasons. He is willing to sell his through me as I would need to do a full refurbish and re-calibration and then compile new software for it.
For a description, see computercontrolledroaster.com


Jeffrey Pawlan

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