[Homeroast] New Coffee Toy

Seth Grandeau grandeau at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 17:16:08 CST 2013

For Christmas, my dear wife gave me the Impress coffee brewing mug.  I
won't post the link, since Sweet Marias does not sell it, but a quick
Google will find it.  This is a new "twist" on the french press.  The
filter section looks like a portafilter, with a very fine screen.  After
brewing the coffee and water, in the big "outer" cylinder, you insert the
inner cylinder, which has the filter at the bottom.  The inner cylinder
fills with brewed coffee, and the grounds are trapped, tightly, in the
bottom, under the fine filter.  Some combination of compressing the grounds
and the fine mesh of the filter result in no over extraction.  I can't
explain why it works, but I've brewed coffee, attached the travel mug cap
on it, and have drunk it over the course of an hour with no noticeable
over-extraction.  And, as an added benefit, between the insulation in the
outer cylinder, and the additional air gap, between cylinders, my coffee
was still pleasantly hot, an hour after brewing.

The only drawback of the Impress, is that it's a bit large for many car cup
holders.  I, however, own a Toyota Rav4, with quite possibly the worst cup
holders in the auto industry.  They are larger than a standard travel mug,
and the arm that should hold a smaller cup in place has no strength,
whatsoever.  The Impress fits it perfectly and does not bounce around.

Happy 2014, everyone!

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