[Homeroast] Teaching an old dog new tricks

Lynne Biziewski lynnebiz at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 07:55:38 CST 2013

I always do quite a fine grind because I have a cheap blade grinder. I
found that I can get a decent cup (sometimes great) from this, but only if
I grind it fine. And I don't like other brands of the cheap type of whirly
blades - the brand I've been using for so many years isn't made anymore -
so when it goes, I may have to save up for a good grinder. Yes, I know a
grinder is the most important tool for us homeroasters - but being on a
fixed income taught me to make priorities & make due with what I have.

Best of luck to you son - and kudos for you helping him! Moving is always
tough (Lord knows I've done it so many times myself), but Southern Cal
sounds perfect right now. We are having a freezing cold wave here in the
Boston area. Ugh. Going to curl ups with my new (Christmas gift) Kindle and
my Sammy (dog - not guy, hehe) after I finish with computer stuff & my cup
of Burundi Kirimiro Teka (newly roasted - really needs more rest I think) &
wish for palm trees!

take care


On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 7:14 PM, Frank Parth <fparth at me.com> wrote:

> Earlier this year I was helping my son move from Missouri back to Southern
> California after he finished graduate school. While staying in south Kansas
> City (Leesville area) we stopped by a coffee shop, The Roasterie, that had
> the best cup of Yirgachaffe I’ve ever had. I love Yirga and always have
> 10-15 pounds on hand. But the Roasterie did a two and a half minute pour
> over that brought out flavors I never knew Yirga had.
> I looked at the grind and it was finer than I was doing at home. So I
> changed my Rocky grind from a 30 to a 20 and went from three and a half
> minutes to two and a half minutes. I’ve gotta admit that I’m getting a lot
> more flavors out of the cup than I was getting before.
> I know Tom recommends finer grinds but I had to see it for myself.
> Frank Parth
> And a wonderful, and caffeinated, 2014 to all the list members.
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