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Hap Maguire captmagu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 19:08:00 CST 2013

Please add me to your list. Thanks and Happy New Year.

Hap Maguire

On Dec 24, 2013, at 9:54 PM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:

> I'll keep spreading the cheer and add a new in box Clever Dripper for List
> Christmas Gifting.
> Entries accepted until I get up New Year's Day. Will be chosen by random
> number generator based on order received.
> Email entry to mcKona at comcast.net
> Already got my Christmas coffee items: drinking a Christmas Eve after dinner
> Panama Esmeralda Geisha (short) Americano pulled on new QuickMill Vetrano 2B
> with ground on Mazzer Major displacing Super Jolly - Major just moved home
> this evening from the coffeehouses after upgrading to 4xM7Ds ;-)
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> To all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
> No, I have not had this approved by Tom, Sweet Maria or anyone else.
> This is kind of a tradition offering with an exception; if you can't afford
> it, don't worry about it.
> Please do not enter if you can afford the items for yourself.  I wish for
> these items to go to someone that would love to have them, will put them to
> good use, but simply cannot afford them.
> Two items are up for grabs:
>   1. Presto Scandinavian (New in box I believe, if not, used one or two
>   times)
>   2. AeroPress complete kit with filters (slightly used)
> The Presto Scandinavian is likely brand new and the Aeropress is slightly
> used with lots of extra filters.
> To enter, do NOT reply to the list, but directly to me at
> southcoastcoffeeroaster at gmail.com.  In the subject line enter one of the
> following:
>   1. Presto Scandinavian Drawing
>   2. AeroPress Drawing
> If you wish to enter for both then you should send two emails.
> I will figure out someway to conduct the drawings, which I am sure will
> include my ten-year-old son.  Entries will continue to be accepted all the
> way through and up until the New Year.  You need only enter once per item.
> Respectfully,
> Eddie Dove
> Docendo Discimus
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