[Homeroast] Christmas Cheer

Eddie southcoastcoffeeroaster at gmail.com
Tue Dec 24 21:47:28 CST 2013

To all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

No, I have not had this approved by Tom, Sweet Maria or anyone else.

This is kind of a tradition offering with an exception; if you can't afford
it, don't worry about it.

Please do not enter if you can afford the items for yourself.  I wish for
these items to go to someone that would love to have them, will put them to
good use, but simply cannot afford them.

Two items are up for grabs:

   1. Presto Scandinavian (New in box I believe, if not, used one or two
   2. AeroPress complete kit with filters (slightly used)

The Presto Scandinavian is likely brand new and the Aeropress is slightly
used with lots of extra filters.

To enter, do NOT reply to the list, but directly to me at
southcoastcoffeeroaster at gmail.com.  In the subject line enter one of the

   1. Presto Scandinavian Drawing
   2. AeroPress Drawing

If you wish to enter for both then you should send two emails.

I will figure out someway to conduct the drawings, which I am sure will
include my ten-year-old son.  Entries will continue to be accepted all the
way through and up until the New Year.  You need only enter once per item.



Eddie Dove

Docendo Discimus

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