[Homeroast] New Roaster and Brewer Recommendations?

Ben Treichel btreichel at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 18:19:32 CST 2013

I like my Behmor for the capacity and ease of use. The knocks against it
are that the roasts rarely get even close to 2nd, with a full lb. And, its
not controllable. However, having run a computer controlled p1, i'm sure I
would say that about most roasters.

The hukly looks nice, how much?
On Dec 18, 2013 5:29 PM, "Mejia, Carlos" <carlos.mejia at intel.com> wrote:

> I'm a long time member but haven't contributed much over the last few yrs.
>  I have a couple of items that I'd love to hear feedback on.  First the
> roaster:   I've been roasting for about 7 yrs now, mostly with an iRoast2.
>  Generally, I prefer FC level and my favorite is Ethiopian dry processed to
> capture the nice berry notes.  I also have a drum roaster that I built with
> an RK drum for more capacity but rarely use it these days.  Only roasting
> from 2 people and the iRoast every few days is less hassle than the drum
> roaster.   I'm considering upgrade to a roaster with more capacity than the
> iRoast (but easier and more convenient than drum roasting outdoors.  I'm
> wondering if anyone on the list has tried the Hukey (correct spelling...
> even though there's a picture of a Husky on the front!), a very nice
> stainless roaster made in Taiwan.  I saw one of these in a shop in Portland
> and was impressed with the workmanship and asthetics!  It believe it will
> roast ~ 1 lb and looks like a mini-Probat.  The main drawback to me is the
> price, although I go to Taiwan occasionally and may be able to pick one up
> there and save some bucks.  I'm also considering the Behmor.  Can anyone
> compare this roaster to a Behmor?    If my roasts are (almost) always less
> than FC+ level and I like the results of iRoast, will I be happy with
> Behmor and should I be looking at others?  I'm hoping to spend less than a
> grand.
> And now the brewer:  I'm also interested in a brew device that I've only
> recently seen, though I think it's been out for a while, called the Sowden.
>  My wife prefers a French press (I usually use an aeropress), but she's
> broken the glass on 3 pots now and it's getting a little expensive
> replacing them!  I'm assuming the Sowden will be a very similar cup, about
> the same cleanup and maybe a little less fragile than a French press.   I
> would likely get the smallest size which is advertised as a 4 cup and
> wondering if the filter goes all the way to the bottom and allows a small
> brew of only ~8-10 oz.
> Any comments or reviews of either of these?
> Thanks!
> ~carlos
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