[Homeroast] New Roaster and Brewer Recommendations?

Mejia, Carlos carlos.mejia at intel.com
Wed Dec 18 17:26:05 CST 2013

I'm a long time member but haven't contributed much over the last few yrs.  I have a couple of items that I'd love to hear feedback on.  First the roaster:   I've been roasting for about 7 yrs now, mostly with an iRoast2.  Generally, I prefer FC level and my favorite is Ethiopian dry processed to capture the nice berry notes.  I also have a drum roaster that I built with an RK drum for more capacity but rarely use it these days.  Only roasting from 2 people and the iRoast every few days is less hassle than the drum roaster.   I'm considering upgrade to a roaster with more capacity than the iRoast (but easier and more convenient than drum roasting outdoors.  I'm wondering if anyone on the list has tried the Hukey (correct spelling... even though there's a picture of a Husky on the front!), a very nice stainless roaster made in Taiwan.  I saw one of these in a shop in Portland and was impressed with the workmanship and asthetics!  It believe it will roast ~ 1 lb and looks like a mini-Probat.  The main drawback to me is the price, although I go to Taiwan occasionally and may be able to pick one up there and save some bucks.  I'm also considering the Behmor.  Can anyone compare this roaster to a Behmor?    If my roasts are (almost) always less than FC+ level and I like the results of iRoast, will I be happy with Behmor and should I be looking at others?  I'm hoping to spend less than a grand.

And now the brewer:  I'm also interested in a brew device that I've only recently seen, though I think it's been out for a while, called the Sowden.  My wife prefers a French press (I usually use an aeropress), but she's broken the glass on 3 pots now and it's getting a little expensive replacing them!  I'm assuming the Sowden will be a very similar cup, about the same cleanup and maybe a little less fragile than a French press.   I would likely get the smallest size which is advertised as a 4 cup and wondering if the filter goes all the way to the bottom and allows a small brew of only ~8-10 oz.

Any comments or reviews of either of these?



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