[Homeroast] Grinding for K cups

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sat Dec 7 17:43:51 CST 2013

On Sat, Dec 07, 2013 at 07:51:33AM -0700, Archeobob wrote:
> A co-worker has asked me to grind some home brew as a gift for her
> daughter who uses refillable "K" cups.  I don't need a micron size,
> but a wag would be good!  Somewhere between espresso fine and regular
> drip I suspect?  Anybody grind for these products?

It may depend on the type of refillable cup.  Being a filtered brew
kind of a guy (CCD is my best buddy), I've been using Melitta's
JavaJig, and have been grinding at an indicated 14 on my Maestro, which
is the coarse end of the manual's notion of espresso range.  But even
with the cute little filter paper well-clamped in, I get an
unappreciated bit of grit at the bottom of the cup - not much, just
enough to annoy if I try to take that last sip from the cup.  How this
would play out with the comparatively large pores of a metal filter I
don't know.

As a bonus, I can report that with this fine grind and stuffing the Jig
full as can be, I get a drinkable cup out of the Keurig, something no
shelf-staled K-cup has ever managed.  Not that I've tried very many; as
best I recall the scorecard is 2 that I managed to swallow so as not to
insult my gracious but coffee-clueless host, and 1 that I spat out
because I dind't have to swallow it.  With good homeroast, it comes out
a bit flat and thin, but that's ever so much better.  

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