[Homeroast] Dying Behmor

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Another mail order that is good is Red Bird Coffee in Bozeman, MT and if you do 5 pounds at a time it is a little over 50 with shipping and easy to split with somebody. 


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> home-town of twenty-five thousand or so, in a part of the country some
> people think a bit backward, my home roasting is supplmented by two
> RPT two respectable coffee roasters who sell me fresh-roasted beans


I did end up picking up a couple pounds from a local shop till be get
the Behmor issues figured out.  There is only one shop within around
30 miles miles that roasts their own beans; at least from what I have
found.  I think it is a respectably decent espresso roast, but isn't
my favorite.  It was a little cheaper than I remembered, around $13.50
a pound.

I almost ordered some Black Cat from Intelligentsia.  I remember that
blend being so good, but with shipping, it gets pretty expensive.

I found one other shop that is about 35 miles from here that roasts
their own in house; next time I'm near that area I will definitely
check it out.


p.s. I still have to look at the Behmor myself, but talked to my dad;
I misunderstood, the elements both worked, but the glass was cracked
around one, thus the reason he was talking about one of them being bad
/ broken.

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