[Homeroast] Dying Behmor

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 07:59:00 CDT 2013

This sequence began with the dying Behmor of a pound-a-week espresso roaster.

While I shouldn't like to put a damper on anybody's home roasting, I
wonder whether there isn't a local solution for his problem.  In my
home-town of twenty-five thousand or so, in a part of the country some
people think a bit backward, my home roasting is supplmented by two
RPT two respectable coffee roasters who sell me fresh-roasted beans
when I need help.  One of them is consisstently good, and used within
a week of roasting his beans make coffee that is often as good as
mine.  He offers a blend or two, and a bag labeled "COSTA RICA" of
beans that that Tom thinks may be so good its boring.  (Tom doesn't
like to mention the name of the CR plantation, so I won't)--

This report is offered as evidence that home roasters have succeeded
in creating a few Coffee Epicures nearly everywhere.  At eighty-nine,
when my present roaster wears out, I may admit my infirmity and start
buying 12-ounce bags of beans
from That-Guy's-Coffee.  That Guy, BTW, who supplements his retirement
by roasting, got his start with samplers from Sweet Maria's.

Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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