[Homeroast] Not sure how to go about roasting now - Behmor close to death

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Tue Aug 6 10:29:50 CDT 2013

At 08:09 AM 8/6/2013, you wrote:
> > So, for comparison, with my clean insides and foil wrapped chaff tray, on
> > 1lb P2 B, I consistently get to 1C at the 12 minute mark.  Some coffees a
> > little after, some a little before, but by far the average time is 12
> > minutes.

Curious.  Why do you wrap your chaff tray in foil?  And is it the 
high or low one?

>Thanks, that give me a good point to compare to.  I'm going to have to
>go get the machine and try it myself to see exactly what is happening
>when.  Obviously it's warm enough this time of year that I can roast

Not quite knowing what you mean by this, a piece of info.  The Behmor 
actually can roast slower in hot weather compared to cold.  It sounds 
anti-intuitive, but true - I can explain why if you care.  If you are 
just meaning warm enough for you comfort....never mind :)

> > FWIW, I have over 600 roasts in mine, I can't remember how old, but I got
> > it for Christmas the year it came out, was it 2009?  I roast about the same
> > amount, two roasts every week or two.
> > I've never had to fix my Behmor but once to replace the fan.
>That's great to know that it's holding up so well and I'm now feeling
>like whatever is going on can be fixed after reading these messages.
>Thank You.

Totally true.

>I was at the SCA show in 2008 and he had the Behmor there, I think it
>was almost brand new at that point.
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