[Homeroast] Not sure how to go about roasting now - Behmor close to death

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 10:09:39 CDT 2013

> I never roast an entire pound, I roast 12 ounces, so I can't tell how long
> a full 1 lb roast will take on mine, but for 12 ounces, I usually roast on
> 1 lb P2 B - I have plenty of time.

I've actually always done P2 B.  I had been roasting 13 ounces like
that for quite a while at or close to the max time.

In the summer it isn't really an issue, but in the winter months the
smoke in the house had really started to bother my asthma, which is
the reason that my dad has the roaster and has been roasting most of
this year.

But I know there was a big problem when he couldn't even get a pound
of beans through first crack with a full cycle.

> So, for comparison, with my clean insides and foil wrapped chaff tray, on
> 1lb P2 B, I consistently get to 1C at the 12 minute mark.  Some coffees a
> little after, some a little before, but by far the average time is 12
> minutes.

Thanks, that give me a good point to compare to.  I'm going to have to
go get the machine and try it myself to see exactly what is happening
when.  Obviously it's warm enough this time of year that I can roast

> FWIW, I have over 600 roasts in mine, I can't remember how old, but I got
> it for Christmas the year it came out, was it 2009?  I roast about the same
> amount, two roasts every week or two.
> I've never had to fix my Behmor but once to replace the fan.

That's great to know that it's holding up so well and I'm now feeling
like whatever is going on can be fixed after reading these messages.
Thank You.

I was at the SCA show in 2008 and he had the Behmor there, I think it
was almost brand new at that point.


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