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Mon Aug 5 15:41:09 CDT 2013

The Keurig is OK for a quick cup. We use our own roasted and ground 
coffee in the refillable EZ-Cup with paper filters, and it produces a 
fairly decent cup. I have a single cup Keurig in the RV and use K-cup 
pods and about the best I can say is the (ersatz) coffee will keep me 

I have been toying with putting a single serve espresso machine in the 
camper, but don't like the idea of being tied to a proprietary pod such 
as Illy or ESE and especially not Nespresso (too expensive). The pod 
machine is handy because of cleanup, but I would like to have a way to 
steam also. I thought about moving my New Baby to the camper and 
replacing it with a Silvia. Then I could use pods or my roast and have 
steaming (Latte Art wand). 

Any suggestions?
Bob Glasscock

Quoting Brian Kamnetz <bkamnetz at gmail.com>:
> Mike,
> Your coffee routine is very similar to my morning routine. I use a 6-tasse
> moka pot, so I use 24g coffee and 380g of water, a ratio that seems quite
> close to yours. I bring the coffee to work in a Nissan/Thermos Backpacker
> (Tom's tests clearly showed this one does the best job of retaining heat,
> iirc), so while the coffee is brewing I heat some tap water on the stove to
> warm the Backpacker up. I make a simple breakfast at the same time, so it
> feels to me like my time is efficiently used, and the bit of extra time is
> more than compensated for by having good coffee. I have a small
> double-walled glass coffee cup at work and every now and then I have a
> splash of coffee with a bit of banana bread, or bit of bagel, etc. 
> Brian
> On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 1:16 PM, Mike Davis <mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> > I had a Keurig coffee brewed cup once.  What a waste. 
> >
> > I find the ritual of making coffee is part of my morning routine. I'm a
> > morning person and I drink coffee as a culinary experience (thanks to Tom
> > and Maria), not a caffeine delivery system so I don't mind spending a very
> > small amount of time to do it right. 
> >
> > "Right" for me is heating a kettle of water.  While that is heating I fold
> > a #4 cone filter to fit into my new Bonavita ceramic cone and then pour hot
> > water in the cone which heats up while I grind coffee, and additional hot
> > water into a glass thermal cup.  The ground coffee is weighed (15 g.) and
> > the water is poured from the cone, the ground coffee poured into the cone,
> > placed on the scale which is tared to 0.  Then I add 250g. of hot water
> > from the kettle and let it steep for about 2 minutes, stir and steep
> > another 2 minutes and filter the coffee into the pre-heated glass thermal
> > cup. 
> >
> > The only real inconvenience is having to wait 4 minutes for the coffee to
> > brew. 
> >
> > The home coffee "convenience" market is a gold mine for gadget freaks and
> > creative marketing.  The world is awash is cheap and inferior coffee,
> > marketed as "gourmet" and packaged at huge profits.  Let's not discourage
> > too many stale ground coffee customers from their nirvana, lest we run
> > short of the good stuff. 
> >
> > Mike Davis
> > self-entitled coffee snob
> >
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