[Homeroast] Not sure how to go about roasting now - Behmor close to death

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Mon Aug 5 15:38:42 CDT 2013

Two fast things.

It's impossible for one element to burn out in a Behmor - they are in 
series so it's all or nothing.

Next, how is your cleaning?  In the inside shiny or dark.  If the 
later, that is your issue as the dark absorbs heat more and makes the 
roaster think it is hotter than it is, so cycles your elements.

And in about 90% of these cases, a good cleaning and a change of the 
thermistor usually brings it back.

If you want to drop me a line off list, I'd be happy to troubleshoot 
with you.  I repair these for Behmor.


At 01:26 PM 8/5/2013, you wrote:
>I've not posted anything in a while, but do read the posts.  I bought a
>Behmor from SweetMaria's, I think it was 2 years ago last christmas.
>We mainly roast to the dark side (city +) for espresso, which I know isn't
>ideal for the Behmor.  The Behmor has progressively gotten slower at
>roasting and can barely get a 1 pound batch through first crack.  We
>noticed one of the burners was burnt out.  My dad ordered a new set of
>burners from Behmor and replaced them along with a full disassembly with
>cleaning of every part of the machine.  There is basically no difference
>now, even with it totally clean and with the new burners, still the same
>problem.  It's being used at normal temperatures (70's) in a house with
>good wiring and little voltage drop.  No extension cord.
>We've not contacted behmor again yet about this,  but I have the feeling
>that it's electronics are dying and that it may not be long for this world.
>  I'm thinking that our tendency to do darker roasts has been hard on the
>My dad has been roasting lately and when they don't turn out dark enough,
>he just roasts them twice, I tried telling him what a bad idea this was --
>We generally use about a pound a week for espresso, plus roast a few pounds
>a month of lighter roasts for family.  I still have my RK Drumm and coffee
>cooler I built and was thinking of going back to that, but I have a new
>grill now (and got rid of my dedicated coffee roasting grill - probably a
>mistake), a wide 5 burner Char-Broil.  The Charbroil has a rotisserie that
>we use for meat, but it only runs at around 4 rpm, so can't be used.  I
>can't even find my old rotisserie motors anymore that I used on my old
>grill.  If I'm going to go to the effort of roasting on the grill them I
>would want to get it setup on my current grill as opposed to a dedicated
>one because my main grill runs on natural gas and I don't have to mess with
>I looked at the RK site now and a rotisserie mount and motor from them is
>around $280, which is almost the same cost as just getting a brand new
>behmor.  The only other roaster that I see that seems worthy of any
>consideration is the HotTop, but that's $500 more than either of the 2
>mentioned options.
>Has anyone had much luck with fixing a Behmor that has gotten to this
>point?  Do you think it's worth it to get another behmor again or do I put
>in the effort and cost to go back to grill roasting?
>The Behmor is quite convenient when it works right.
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