[Homeroast] Keurig

Mike Davis mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 5 13:16:17 CDT 2013

I had a Keurig coffee brewed cup once.  What a waste.

I find the ritual of making coffee is part of my morning routine. I'm a 
morning person and I drink coffee as a culinary experience (thanks to 
Tom and Maria), not a caffeine delivery system so I don't mind spending 
a very small amount of time to do it right.

"Right" for me is heating a kettle of water.  While that is heating I 
fold a #4 cone filter to fit into my new Bonavita ceramic cone and then 
pour hot water in the cone which heats up while I grind coffee, and 
additional hot water into a glass thermal cup.  The ground coffee is 
weighed (15 g.) and the water is poured from the cone, the ground coffee 
poured into the cone, placed on the scale which is tared to 0.  Then I 
add 250g. of hot water from the kettle and let it steep for about 2 
minutes, stir and steep another 2 minutes and filter the coffee into the 
pre-heated glass thermal cup.

The only real inconvenience is having to wait 4 minutes for the coffee 
to brew.

The home coffee "convenience" market is a gold mine for gadget freaks 
and creative marketing.  The world is awash is cheap and inferior 
coffee, marketed as "gourmet" and packaged at huge profits.  Let's not 
discourage too many stale ground coffee customers from their nirvana, 
lest we run short of the good stuff.

Mike Davis
self-entitled coffee snob

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