[Homeroast] Keurig

Paul Goelz pgoelz at comcast.net
Mon Aug 5 09:00:57 CDT 2013

At 09:21 AM 8/5/2013, you wrote:
>Those machines are evil. They make tremendous amounts of pollution, 
>make bad coffee, and rip off consumers so smartly they don't even realize it.
>I did attempt the "load your own bean" pod and couldn't get it to 
>make a decent cup in any way shape or form.
>//Rant off

Interesting confirmation.  Every time I run across a Keurig demo in a 
store I try it.  And every time I end up dumping the coffee.  I am 
pretty tolerant too.  But no matter what kind I try (and I have tried 
some pods that claimed lighter / mellower roasts), it tastes 
AWFUL.  Bitter, too strong, acidic, YUK.

Good to note that the load your own pods don't make good coffee either.

We have been using a Mr. Coffee "Optimal Brew" for about a month and 
it is the first coffee maker that has actually made a noticeable (and 
positive) difference in the cup.  It advertises hotter and faster 
brewing and it accomplishes that.


Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI USA
pgoelz at comcast.net

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