[Homeroast] Keurig

Ben Treichel J.W.Bullfrog at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 08:47:16 CDT 2013

I have had good luck with mine at the office rolling my own. I do however
really hate the pods for all the reasons you say. I had my Technivorm (?)
here and the coffee would go cold because the vac pot isn't all that good
(imho), I used an areo-press until it broke, and then tried the Kureig, I
like one cup fresh when I want it.

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 8:21 AM, Michael Baladi <mike at baladi.ws> wrote:

> //Rant on
> Does this machine drive anyone else as nuts as it drives me?
> Spent a week with family that had one, and every morning they'd make 8-12
> pods worth of coffee. Commenting all the while on how "good" it tasted,
> while loading it up with artificial sweetners and flavors.
> I kind of tracked how many pods they used and then at the end of the week
> kind of commented that they'd spent $50 on coffee, for 1 week. No one
> seemed to think that was a big deal.
> Those machines are evil. They make tremendous amounts of pollution, make
> bad coffee, and rip off consumers so smartly they don't even realize it.
> I did attempt the "load your own bean" pod and couldn't get it to make a
> decent cup in any way shape or form.
> //Rant off
> Have a good one.
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