[Homeroast] Rocky Burrs

J3R j at j3r.org
Sun Apr 21 17:43:07 CDT 2013

On 13-04-21 01:01 AM, Larry Dorman wrote:
> By the way...  the problem that I'm having is that right about the time
> that the pressure is supposed to increase to 9 bars it instead stops about
> 4.5 and just stars pouring out liquid.  I'm not seeing obvious channeling,
> but that's surely what must be happening for it to come out so fast.
> Again, the only change from when I was getting perfect behavior to now was
> changing the burrs on the grinder.
> As I've set the zero point it's impossible to have the top and bottom burrs
> touch because of the set screw.  However, they are so close as I have zero
> set that I can't imagine that being the problem.  Regardless, I'm thinking
> about turning the hopper a third of a turn so that I can even make them
> touch if I choose.
> I really don't get it...  visually they seem proper.
> LarryD

Perhaps it is a clumping issue (from static maybe)? You could try 
http://www.home-barista.com/weiss-distribution-technique.html and see if 
that helps.


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