[Homeroast] Making coffee in a 40 cup coffee maker

Nils Buer nils.buer at arcor.de
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Hi Phil,

The SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) recommends, 60g Coffee
per 1l of water. My wife works for Starbucks she recommends only 56g per 1l
of Water.
The ratio stays the same also for larger amounts of water e.g. 2l = 112g
(Starbucks recommendation).  

Best regards,

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Hi everyone,

I normally just make coffee for my own consumption in a Clever Coffee
Dripper or in a Yama vac pot.  We're having a large event this weekend at
our house and my wife (not a coffee drinker but I love her anyway) borrowed
a 40 cup coffee maker from someone for the event.

The attendees are not coffee people - that is, they probably use Folgers in
a Mr. Coffee or maybe an old percolator at home -- if their doctors let them
drink coffee at all (a senior crowd).

I'm not set up to make coffee in the vac pot & transfer it to the 40 cup to
keep it warm.  Does anyone have any advice on making decaf coffee in this
thing?  When making a large batch of water does the ratio of coffee to water
change?  Any thoughts?


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