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Hi MiKe,

"Very wrong" is probably a little strong, and, I'd venture to say, very
strong, relative to what's being measured.

When grinding very coarse and getting fines mixed in with the coarse (as
with an espresso grinder, as evidenced by the K6), the bands of plurimodal
concentration are far wider apart than the bands of plurimodal
concentration that you'd find when grinding for espresso.

I'm not an espresso brewer myself, but from what I've read, most espresso
brewers set their grinders fairly fine.  So, by definition, the bands of
plurimodal concentration would be much, much closer together.

To me, the proof was in the cup.  When I deliberately forced the "espresso
grinder" coarse/fine plurimodality, I got a cup of coffee that tasted a lot
like the K6 coarse grind without manipulation.


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> > That's not an issue at all with espresso, as espresso is generally fine
> ground, and as long as it's fine, the output is "monomodal," meaning all
> the
> grounds are fine.
> > Doug
> First glad you got your non-espresso grind challenge worked out to your
> satisfaction. However the statement above is very incorrect. While
> generally
> speaking the overall grind for espresso is finer than most other brewing
> methods (Turkish an exception), the grind IS and needs to be plurimodal for
> proper extraction. Good espresso grind analysis would look like a bell
> curve. Which is why burrs designed specifically for espresso grinding do
> poorer for non-espresso grinding duties - the required fines over extract
> non-espresso brewing.
> Check out the book "Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality" by Illy &
> Vaini
> for an in depth discussion/explanation. Be warned, this book is PhD level
> stuff!
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