[Homeroast] further info on helping me choose an iRoast2 replacement

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I've roasted several lbs a month in my programable Hottop (8-9 oz capacity per roast) for years and get quite stable results without a probe. I do keep detailed records of all my roasts, and when I check previous roasts of the same bean to the same roasting level (amount of time into 2nd crack, for instance), it will often be exactly or nearly exactly the same roasting time length as before, given moderate ambient temperatures. I roast outside on my covered deck so the length of roast is affected by the very highs and lows of ambient temperature. Accordingly, I tend not to roast if the ambient temp is in the low 30s or lower on the low end or low 90s or higher on the high end.

Of course, I do roast to different levels depending on what I'm roasting and for what type of brewing method I'm roasting for. Also, I like to vary the roasting levels to offer different tastes in various melanges when I combine beans for brewing.


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I don't know about those other roasters, but the Hottop, even w/o a probe
techincally 'in the beans' does a pretty darn good job of repeatable
roasts. I run the same program on Monkey Blend week after week and the
results are amazingly stable. I'm usually stopping the roast manually at
about 15+/- seconds into second crack, so there's some variation.
Regardless. the temperature progression through the roast is pretty
consistent (althoug I'll admit to not actually collecting the data).

Regardless, if you move from an air roaster to a drum roaster the flavor
profile of your blend will likely shift too. You may find yourself tweaking
the blend and/or the profile to get the flavors you want.

I wouldn't send anyone to Dunk'in. That'd be just plain ol' wrong.

Portland, OR

On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 7:38 AM, Rbt Tut  wrote:

> thats what Im looking for: a way to 'reproducibly' get to the same relative
> point by a temperature reading.
> I take it with the rotating drums in the behmor and gene there is no way to
> get a relative bean mass temp.  Probably the same for the hottop.
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