[Homeroast] Caution paid off this morning

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 26 09:18:12 CDT 2012

About a year ago I put in a counter with a sink that is dedicated to coffee.  My espresso machine is connected to the water line, that includes a special filter, so I don't risk running out of water.  The sink is half sink and half a lip that was designed to collect water dripping from hand washed dishes.  My espresso machine occupies that chrome lip so any water or coffee leaking or spilled from the machine is headed directly to the drain.  Well last night we had a visit from a skunk, I did not see it but my nose told me it was here, and in response to the skunk's presence our dogs started barking.  My wife's response was to tell the dogs to shut up.  I told her that their barking would run the skunk off so let them keep barking.  Anyway, I was wide awake at about 2:30  this morning and it took quite a while for me to get back to sleep.  The rare result was that I was still sleeping when my wife woke up this morning.  Anyway, when I woke up she told me she had turned on the espresso machine long enough ago that it would be hot enough for me to go ahead and make our morning espressos.  When I made it back to the part of the kitchen that holds the espresso machine, I found that it was constantly pumping water through the empty filter.  The fact that the espresso machine was sitting on the lip of the sink caused all that extra water to just run down the drain and I did not have to mop it up.  The water running through the machine did keep it from heating up so we still had to wait a while to get our morning cups.
   pecan jim

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