[Homeroast] further info on helping me choose an iRoast2 replacement

Rbt Tut rotuts at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 09:38:23 CDT 2012

Im almost bereft that they no longer make the iRoast-2.  It suits me fine
as Ill describe below.  What would be my replacement be when you note why I
like the iRoast-2

I roast for my AlexiaPID a blend I make from SweetMaria:  1/3 Guatemala
 1/3 DP Brazil  1/3 Sumatra or Java or Sulawise. I have drilled two small
holes in the screen and chaff collector to accept a dial long probe
thermometer which I position in the bean mass.

I roast as follows:  3 min 350, 3 min 400, rest at 475 until that
thermometer reads 445.  Im not good with colors, or how long things go into
the 2d crack etc.  I like this system as its reproducible for me when I
decide to vary the blend or the temp a little bit.  I can get back to the
exact same roast anytime I what.  Sometimes I roast a little higher for
drip, understanding full well that at those higher temp  (5 - 10 'relative'
degrees) Im loosing 'varietal' flavors.  I just like a darker roast,  but
'445' relative in the bean mass suits me to a T

thats what Im looking for: a way to 'reproducibly' get to the same relative
point by a temperature reading.

I take it with the rotating drums in the behmor and gene there is no way to
get a relative bean mass temp.  Probably the same for the hottop.

with the Quest M3 there may be a way to get a probe into the bean mass, as
Tom on SweetMaria uses the digital j or k wire into a whole near the bottom
of the machine.  Ive use these probes in my iRoast2 but they moved around
too much and sometimes were in contact with the metal.

is there a jerry-rigged way to get bean mass temp on any of these drums?
 could a Thermapen be inserted into the whole Tom uses for the wire probe?

your help and advice is greatly appreciated.   YOu wounldnt want to send me
to Dunk'IN donuts would you?

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