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Not sure I can pinpoint precisely the time at which 1st crack occurs, as it seems to vary with each type. And because I'm a little hard of hearing I sometimes have
difficulty detecting it, especially with the noise the Gene Cafe gives off when tumbling the beans.  Getting old ain't fun.  But I adjust using sight, and smell more.
I think the advice about air flow was very good.  Mine also does tend to clog at the air outlet, and the sweeper sometimes can't keep up, slowing the air flow
and raising temperatures possibly too much. That also varies by bean, but I think that is something to keep an eye on.
Now you've got me re-thinking my temperatures.  Perhaps 435 is too low indeed.  I'm going to play with it some with higher temps and see if
things improve.
We all learn from these discussions.

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James & Jeffrey,
Thanks for the input. I've been worried that dropping it 435 for about 19 minutes might be too low and I would end up with a grassy roast. When you set it for 435 when is 1st crack?
I've been using this machine for about 5-6 years and its only every so often this happens. I just recently started paying attention to which coffees do this. I have 2 chaff collectors and clean 1 while I use the other swapping them out about every 2 months. I noticed a great deal of chaff, I'll have to check the sweeper. 
thanks for the help

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