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The only time I have experienced scorching with my GC is when the chaff sweeper was misaligned and did not do its job.  If the exit vent does not get cleared once per drum turn after start of 1C, bean temperature can spike in the drum and not show on the temp reading.  Watch the vent and be sure the sweep totally clears the vent.  Burned chaff build up (excessive) on the vent is a bad sign.

Other thoughts related to air flow:  have you cleaned the chaff screen lately?  The holes might not look dirty but they slowly get caked with solids and flow inches lower.  How many roasts with your GC?   Could the fan be weak?

Good luck with your roasts...let us know how you do.

-JD Kelly

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> Hoping someone can help. I've been getting what looks like scorched beans in my Gene Cafe. I'm trying to roast El Salvador Finca LaMontanita Bourbon beans. 
> Usually I roast 227 grams and start at 300 for 3 minutes then bump it to 482 until 1st crack and then drop it down. The beans have a scorched look, black on the outside, but light brown on the inside.  I tried dropping it to 470, then 460, then 450. The beans still look scorched. On the last roast I noticed alot of chaff. Does anyone have any ideas, would doing a smaller batch help?
> Thanks for the help in advance
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