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James Quentin jamesaquentin at yahoo.com
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Well, don't feel like the Lone Ranger on this one.  I bought a Gene Cafe several years ago, and went through some of the same problems, all of
which seemed to be corrected or at least improved with experience.  I too tried using the "curve" method of roasting, whereby I would use varying times
and temperatures in an attempt to get that perfect roast.
Experience has taught me to stop messing with that, using the Gene Cafe.  Keeping it simple works much better, at least for me. I now roast at one set temperature throughout the entire roast, usually between 435-445 degrees.  I roasted some of these exact beans you're referring to, at 435 for about 19 minutes and they came out great. I usually set the timer for about 17 minutes, wait for the alert to sound, and then use the senses of sight, smell, and hearing, to decide how much further to go. If you think about it,  the roaster is already using a curve, by warming up to the set temperature, then cooling down.
I now believe that my adding multiple levels of temperature and time to that only complicated a process that doesn't need to be.
This unit works great for setting the timer this way, as you can keep on adding increments of 30 seconds or more and watch the roast develop.
The next trick is then to know when to start cooling, realizing that there will be some after-roasting still being done, as the cool down can take 6-9 minutes,
with my unit anyway.
You may also be right about using smaller batches.  That has helped me too, as I usually use about 2.5 scoops of the cup supplied with this one, and
even then I don't pile them up over the brim. 
As you can probably tell, I am by no means an expert, but I hope my experience is helpful to you in a small way.  Enjoy the learning.  It's part of the fun!
It is said: "Experience is the best teacher, but the school fees are sometimes great".
Hopefully others who use the Gene Cafe can add to my comments.
Jim Quentin

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Hoping someone can help. I've been getting what looks like scorched beans in my Gene Cafe. I'm trying to roast El Salvador Finca LaMontanita Bourbon beans. 
Usually I roast 227 grams and start at 300 for 3 minutes then bump it to 482 until 1st crack and then drop it down. The beans have a scorched look, black on the outside, but light brown on the inside.  I tried dropping it to 470, then 460, then 450. The beans still look scorched. On the last roast I noticed alot of chaff. Does anyone have any ideas, would doing a smaller batch help?
Thanks for the help in advance

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