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First thanks Michael, Kirk and Steve for you replies of encourage.

Second, interestingly that post was the first one in about a year that went
through without a delay. Don't know if they (SM) got their mailing list
challenges fixed or if it's was my HP doing his thing. Either way works for

Steve, thanks for sharing your story. Thanks for the input but don't need to
pay Nutrisystems to do what I can and have done on my own. In no small part
thanks to my Diabetesforums highly active participation. You must have
missed in my original post that in a scant over a month my latest 7 day
average numbers were already well in the "safe zone". And now already as of
today five weeks and two days since getting my meter and first after meal
check of sky high 430, when fear struck home big time and I went into attack
mode to to get control of this disease, ALL my BG averages past 30 days in
the safe zone. (all BG checks not just before meal checks and after meal
checks - I check 7 to 8 times per day). 

FWIW I'm not the typical "sterotyped" Type 2 diabetic, ie not grossly over
weight when diagnosed. While a year ago I was a good 40-50lb or so over
weight around 215lb one of the symptoms of my untreated before diagnosed
diabeties was unexplained weight loss. At DX July 25 in the ER ~187, at the
Dr Office follow-up July 31 182lb, a week later 175lb. As blood sugar came
down and began to stalize weight began to stablize. THEN I started power
walking 30min plus everyday! Not for weight loss but for both BG control and
COPD (total breathing shutdown why I was in the ER that night). Day before
yesterday and again this morning weighed in at 171.8 easily the lowest I've
been in 30 years. I will become concerned when I get down to 165 max 160lb.

I'll quit boring you...!

Slave to the Bean miKe mcKoffee
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When I was diagnosed in July 2009 my fasting level was 380.  You could tell
the Nurse Practiconer was worrying I'd be dead before I got out the door.
We did NutriSystem's diabetic plan.  Lost 50 lbs in six months and had my
levels way down within a week.  They had started me on 3xMetformin 500 +
Had to drop the lunchtime Metformin within a month or so.
When I did my six month follow up they called me back in because they
couldn't believe my new numbers.
Second check confirmed the improvements.
Then I got Obamaed out of my job.  Since I had sufficient severance and
things already laid out we decided I'd take a few months off.
Interestingly, about six weeks later I couldn't keep my suger levels up and
they had me start dropping things.
I got off the insulin (after having been told that *never* happens) and then
the Metformin.  So I was *right* that that place was poisoning me.
After I got my new job (retail - selling guns at Cabelas) I couldn't keep my
rigid feeding schedule and wound back up on one Metformin a day.

So you *can* make things much better, you just have to get used to some
contraints.  If your numbers aren't dropping like you'd like try the
NutriSystem Diabetic plan.  It not only teaches you proper eating habits for
a diabetic, the carefully controlled food
*will* get your numbers under control.

Good luck!

Steve :->

At 08:27 PM 9/5/2012, you wrote:
>You're invited to join us Saturday September 29th, 2012 in person or in 
>You know me as miKe mcKoffee aka Mike the Head Bean and Roast Master of 
>Compass Coffee here in Vancouver (not BC!) Washington (not the 
>Capital!). I am committed to walk and raise money in this inspirational 
>event because I personally know some of them and I am now one of them.
>July 25, 2012 my life changed forever. I'd been having a hard time 
>breathing for a couple days because of a virus that had hit my lungs 
>hard. Ended up going to the ER that night barely able to breath. This 
>was the third time in my life this had happened - the last time over a 
>decade ago. While on a second round of breathing treatments they came 
>back and took a 2nd blood sample for more testing. Came back later and 
>asked when I'd eaten last. Told them 7 or 8 hours ago. They told me 
>fasting blood glucose was at 300. 300 compared to what, didn't mean a 
>thing to me! I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic. That 300 would have 
>been in the range of 70 to 100 for a normal person! I was given a 
>prescription for Metformin 2x500 and sent home with follow-up appointment
with a Dr of Internal Medicine.
>Saw the doctor the morning of July 31st and got a meter to monitor my 
>blood sugar levels. Took my first after meal reading in his office - 
>430. I'd done a bit of online research by then, enough to know this was 
>very very bad, anything above 140 and organ damage begins! Did you know 
>more people die of Diabetes each year than die from Cancer? One of the 
>tidbits I'd picked up researching and now I got scared! A bit of 
>researching turned into a lot of researching. Major lifestyle change 
>was in order. In addition to the oral meds and low carb smart carb diet 
>began power walking a minimum 30 minutes per day August 9th. Yesterday 
>September 1st was 24 days in 25 - 20th consecutive day power walking. 
>As a small business owner I once upon a time made the excuse I didn't 
>have time to exercise. Today different mindset, I make the time to 
>exercise no matter what! Have heard some interesting comments people 
>sometimes seeing me power walking in a big loop in front of the Roastery.
>Results so far of taking control of this disease making drastic 
>lifestyle changes? First 7 days testing averaged 215 before meals 
>(target 70-110) after 307 (target 90-140). Month and a couple days 
>later now and latest 7 day avg before meals 98 after 120! And feel 1000%
>Chances are, you also know someone who has been affected by diabetes 
>and you already know how important it is to stop this disease. By 
>making a donation or joining our team, you will be helping the 
>Association provide community-based education programs, protect the 
>rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.
>As a team, united in our desire to Stop Diabetes, we are asking for 
>your support. Please make a donation to one of our team members or 
>become one of us by joining our team. When we bring together dedicated 
>team members and kind donors, the power we have as a group far 
>outweighs what any of us could do alone.
>We truly appreciate your support. Together we can Stop Diabetes!
>Slave to the Bean miKe mcKoffee
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>Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I 
>must first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal 
>enlightenment found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who
have gone before.
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