[Homeroast] Mailing List hacks

Mike Davis mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 4 15:42:09 CDT 2012

No e-mails here with Andy's return address, so Sweet Maria's list is OK 
and not likely a source of the problem.

As a further comment, very often a spammer will obtain an e-mail address 
from someone else's contact list on an improperly protected computer - 
someone with your address in their list.  This has happened to me when 
some old e-mail addresses were "stolen" from a long-unused contact list 
at Yahoo.  The spammers then used my e-mail address to spam other people 
by showing the origin of the spam to be my e-mail.  (I suspect the 
origin of the contact list because one person's e-mail 'bounced' back to 
me as undeliverable - a person who was only on that list and who had 
died a number of years ago.) There is no solution to this kind of 
'theft' and spamming since many of these servers are off-shore, the 
'crime' is not worth law enforcement pursuit, and our laws do not apply 
outside of our country.  The only thing you can do is judicious use of 
the delete key and make sure your own anti-virus programs, firewalls and 
routers block thieves.

Andy need not apologize, as it is very unlikely his fault, and most 
certainly not SM.

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