[Homeroast] Broken Behmor -- if so to speak

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Wed Oct 24 22:10:02 CDT 2012

Could be a loose connection to the from PCB.  Contact me off-list and 
I'd be happy to troubleshoot it with you.  I've fixed hundreds.

It's fully worth fixing and can only be a couple things wrong.


At 07:54 PM 10/24/2012, you wrote:
>Close friend -- I got him started roasting a few years back -- now 
>having problems with his beloved Behmor.  Starts fine.  Part way 
>through the cycle, it powers off.  No error message -- just all 
>power fails.  It's not under warranty.
>Any ideas where the problem might lie?  Worth repairing -- have 
>parts, he'd repair it -- albeit a year or two beyond the warranty?
>Jeff Hayden
>c8h10n4o2.137trimethylxanthine at gmail.com
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