[Homeroast] OT: Long time list member's passing

Edward C Rasmussen edras at uwyo.edu
Fri Oct 5 14:18:08 CDT 2012

Thanks for posting that, Lynne.  I never met Scott, never spoke to him, but I felt I knew him from reading his postings on this list.  I'm sad he's gone, too.  And thanks for posting his YouTube vid too, Brian.


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Subject: [Homeroast] OT: Long time list member's passing

I thought it would be appropriate to let folks know about a passing of a
member of our list (don't know if he had been a member recently, but was
when I joined years ago).

Scott Miller (from Atlanta) passed away a couple of weeks ago. I'm one of
his Facebook friends, but as FB goes, you don't always keep up with
everyone... I just found out from Brett Mason that he passed away.

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