[Homeroast] OT: Long time list member's passing

Andy Thomas adt0611 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 5 12:19:28 CDT 2012

Thanks, Lynne, for passing on the news. It is sad to note the passing of one of our group.

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Subject: [Homeroast] OT: Long time list member's passing
I thought it would be appropriate to let folks know about a passing of a
member of our list (don't know if he had been a member recently, but was
when I joined years ago).

Scott Miller (from Atlanta) passed away a couple of weeks ago. I'm one of
his Facebook friends, but as FB goes, you don't always keep up with
everyone... I just found out from Brett Mason that he passed away.

Scott helped me a few years ago -  as did many others, too - by donating
greens to me when I was going through a tough time & couldn't purchase any.
In fact, between Scott and a few others, I had enough greens to last me
nearly a year!! (and there were other gifts I received too).

I'll never forget that kindness - it meant so much to me - in fact, I was
overwhelmed and didn't even know how to respond, how to thank everyone. I
saved every single name for the day when my finances improved & I could
give something back. [Still waiting for the day - little did I know that I
would (out of necessity!) become an expert on living the frugal life,
lol... but, I try make my life an example of passing on any small kindness
I can - as a way to pay it forward, so to speak... this is how I am trying
to repay Scott and everyone else who has helped me... best way I know to
honor someone's life]

I thought there might be others who would appreciate knowing that Scott
passed on - as I did.

I raise my cup to you today, Scott!!

Always your homeroast-friend -

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