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Kris McN krismcn at gmail.com
Thu May 31 17:36:31 CDT 2012


Moka pot vs. espresso machine is kinda comparing apples and oranges isn't
it (or WP and DP, maybe)?  I love my moka pot, but it makes a different cup
from my espresso machine using the same bean.  Same thing could be said of
my aeropress, or drip vs. french press vs. CCD vs. vac pot.  I don't
consider one to be a replacement for the others and I'd hate to think I'd
have to pick just one - they all have their place in my house!

And I don't think you'll find anyone here clutching their pearls over you
using C+ roasted beans for espresso.  We salute you!  I (and many list
members, I'm sure) always start with a C-C+ roast when I get a new bean and
then go from there until I find the roast level I prefer, which varies from
variety to variety, year to year, and lot to lot, really.  I usually end up
in the C+ to FC+ range, but I'll never know until I try. :)

-Kris McN

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 10:12 AM, Stephen Sadler <Docshiva at docshiva.org>wrote:

> I'm probably an espresso iconoclast. I have nothing against the machines. I
> love good small appliances and can see the appeal. However, the Italian
> part
> of me grew up with espresso decades before Starbucks, and as the machines
> became available people I knew of Italian upbringing - here and there -
> used
> the stovetop espresso makers. We considered machines, however lovely and
> fun
> they are, to be for businesses, especially ones catering to tourists. I
> still have that bias. I use stainless; I always though aluminum was a
> little
> suspect in terms of flavor.
> To further buck modern coffee society: I roast my espresso to city plus. I
> get a concentration of all the flavors the coffee has to offer at that
> roast; the same chocolate, fruit, nut, spice tones - but deeper. It's less
> bitter, more - to my palate - balanced, with a little sweetness to it. I
> lose the nuances with 'espresso' roast.
> At any rate, the stovetop makers are cheap, so you're not out much if you
> want to give one a try.
> ~ Stephen

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