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Computers used to be massive machines that take up an entire room. Today we can hold one in our hand. Imagine someone today complaining that they grew up with computers being massive room-sized machines and think computers are mainly for big rooms and that the average person should be using something like an abacus. Drop that smart-phone! Perhaps that helps put your espresso machine bias in perspective. ;)
Embrace the espresso machine. :)
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I'm probably an espresso iconoclast. I have nothing against the machines. I
love good small appliances and can see the appeal. However, the Italian part
of me grew up with espresso decades before Starbucks, and as the machines
became available people I knew of Italian upbringing - here and there - used
the stovetop espresso makers. We considered machines, however lovely and fun
they are, to be for businesses, especially ones catering to tourists. I
still have that bias. I use stainless; I always though aluminum was a little
suspect in terms of flavor.

To further buck modern coffee society: I roast my espresso to city plus. I
get a concentration of all the flavors the coffee has to offer at that
roast; the same chocolate, fruit, nut, spice tones - but deeper. It's less
bitter, more - to my palate - balanced, with a little sweetness to it. I
lose the nuances with 'espresso' roast. 

At any rate, the stovetop makers are cheap, so you're not out much if you
want to give one a try.  

~ Stephen

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 10:47 PM, John <johnmonteleone at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would love to get an espresso machine for my home. ?I've been reading
about the Rancilio Silvia ? And wanted to get some opinions. I'm not opposed
to the price but I've read that it might be expensive for what your getting.
Creating foam is not a priority for me. I love a flavorful shot straight up.
Any comments anyone.
> John

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