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Speaking of DPs though not Ethiopia but Ethiopia Heirloom cultivar Geisha
grown in Panama, last week cupped a Best of Panama auction sample DP Geisha
from Mama Cata that blew my mind. Best I can describe is a cross between
that stellar crystalline '07 IMV and a top tier washed Geisha. Like fresh
strawberries on lemon zest pound cake with wonderful balance, medium body
and mouth feel and a touch of jasmine, bergamot and honeysuckle in the
finish. I WANTED that Lot bad! And bid an insane (for me) $60/LB before
dropping out. That Lot "only" went for $80.25/LB, top BoP Lot went for over

There are indeed some extremely good natural processed coffees coming in and
not just from Ethiopia. And some of them are Outrageously expensive! I too
am waiting on a DP Yirg' to come in, but it's not at those ridiculous
auction prices :) 

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We have a split shipment with 2 very promising lots coming now. I dont have
an ETA yet, but will check again. I cupped a lot this year and its been a
struggle to find something really spectacular. But the
2 lots coming, one from Shakiso and one from Kochere area, promise to be
great. With a natural, you never know exactly until it arrives though.


>I'm beginning to wonder: will there ever be any Ethiopian DPs again. I 
>haven't seen one in like forever. As soon as a decent one comes along, 
>I'm clicking the order button. :-)

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