[Homeroast] Rancilio Silvia

Larry Dorman ldorman at gmail.com
Sat May 26 14:49:33 CDT 2012

I started out with the Gaggia Espresso which was pretty much the bare
minimum entry level to real espresso.  I found that this machine had
limitations that impacted my enjoyment to the point that I eventually
quit using it.  High on the list of limitations were the very small
water reservoir, small boiler, the amount of time it would take to
recover between shots, and the delay in switching between pulling
shots and steaming milk.  It was painful for me to just make a pair of
lattes for me and my wife... to entertain meant that I simply wouldn't
be part of any other activities for the evening.

When I got around to searching for a new machine in March I decided
that all of the prior limitations had to be addressed.  Otherwise, I
wanted something that could be plumbed in, something that would be
attractive, and that could conceivably be my last espresso machine.  I
looked at the Silvia, but it just seemed like the bigger brother to
what I already had and not so much a machine that would address all of
my requirements.  From the other comments on this thread I'm very glad
that I went ahead and spent the extra money to pass over the Silvia,
as I expect that I would otherwise be having buyers remorse by now.

I ended up getting the Andreja Premium and absolutely love it...  the
boiler and water reservoir are so large that I no longer feel the
overwhelming desire to plumb in, even though I can if I change my mind
in the future.  This is a heat exchanger machine and I'm finding that
the only speed impediments are my own skill and processes.  I'm
getting consistently excellent results and the machine is gorgeous.  I
was able to crank out four lattes shortly after getting it in no time
at all and my process/speed has improved since then.  The build
quality seems to be excellent, so as long as I do proper care of the
machine I expect it'll last a really long time.  If I had the purchase
to do over right now, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this machine

The Andreja costs almost three times as much as the Silvia, so I
respect that there are real financial limitations that come into
play...  that's how I ended up choosing the Gaggia Espresso the first
time around.  However, if you end up going to the coffee shop
regularly because your home machine doesn't cut it for you then that
needs to be factored in.  In my case I knew I had a bonus coming that
would pay for most of the Andreja and I also calculated that I spent
enough at my favorite coffee shop last year alone to pay for it...  it
became an easy decision for me.  Moral being that $629 + 1795 is more
than $1795.

Good luck...  whatever you end up I hope you'll share your experiences.


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