[Homeroast] distilled water

Tony Rowe tony at lear.nslug.ns.ca
Wed May 16 14:37:34 CDT 2012

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 02:00:53PM -0400, j3r wrote:
> On 12-05-16 01:46 PM, Greg Gearheart wrote:
> >Distilled water is quite a good solvent and "hungry" for anything it can
> >dissolve and has the tendency to dissolve a lot more stuff than plain old
> >"tap water."  This combined with the points made by others that humans
> >prefer a little taste to their water would suggest to me that distilled
> >water is not ideal for extracting good coffee flavor.
> It is kind of counter-intuitive since the readiness of distilled
> water to dissolve substances would seem to make it ideal for
> brewing.

I also think that water with taste is nice sometimes.  As an aside, 
according to Wilfred Thesiger in his great account of travelling across 
the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula in the 1940's, "Arabian 
Sands", the Bedu used coffee a few times a day to make the evil-tasting, 
brackish water there more palatable.  Depends which end of this you are 
coming from I guess (though I am not suggesting that you should drink 
coffee for water!). :)

> I will definitely rethink my coffee water situation. I dislike the
> taste of chlorine, which I know will evaporate out in time (or can
> be boiled out), but perhaps a charcoal filter would be the way to
> go.

I agree.  Chlorine is hostile to coffee.


PS. Hi list people.  I am new here.  I have been stove-top roasting for 
about thirty years and buying from sweet marias for about five years.  I 
use a hand-mill (I have a Zass and another, my favorite: a nameless 
older mill, the box for which is from Austria but the grinding mechanism 
is from an unknown place, which I purchased twenty years ago at a local 
flea market) for grinding.  I use paper filters for brewing.

I live an urban life but am a mountain man at heart.

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